The Bermondsey Square Hotel

Boutique hotel just a few steps from the restaurants and shops of bustling Bermondsey Street and London Bridge.

Bermondsey Square, Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 3UN

Existing accessibility features such as wheelchair lifts and accessible rooms are enhanced by directional floor markings to aid with social distancing and there are hand sanitising stations throughout. Staff are friendly and approachable and have all received Covid-19 awareness training, making them ideally suited to help you with any concerns or requests.
The laidback b2 At Home restaurant provides a comfortable safe space, not just for diners looking to refuel, but also for remote workers to eat, drink coffee and work, making the Bermondsey Square Hotel especially attractive to travellers in search of a home away from home. The hotel lounge, library and restaurant space have been reconfigured to make social distancing hassle-free, with tables spaced safely apart and, where necessary, markings to alert you to social distancing needs.

The outdoor terrace in the pretty Bermondsey Square (home to an independent cinema, occasional art exhibits and some beautiful Georgian townhouses) is perfect for warmer days in the city.

Located on the doorstep of vibrant Bermondsey Street and just a few minutes from The Shard and London Bridge, this modern hotel is perfect for business stays and weekend getaways to one of London’s most exciting inner-city neighbourhoods. Each room is individually styled and well-appointed with modern furniture and a full range of amenities, but the stunning Lucy in the Sky Suite, with its modern aesthetic, chic black decor, private terrace with a hot tub and sweeping vistas of the London skyline make it a favourite.

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Covid Safety Features

The Bermondsey Square Hotel takes a series of precautions to ensure an enjoyable and safe stay

Attractions nearby (walk)

Attractions within a 20 minute walk from the hotel.

Attractions nearby (drive)

Attractions within a 20 minute drive from the hotel.

Cancellation refund

Reservations can be cancelled up to 24 hours before with no charge.

Keys disinfected

Keys disinfected between guests.

Touch points cleaned

Staff have a list of high-frequency touch points to clean regularly.

Sanitizer stations

Sanitizer stations at all entrances and in all public spaces in use.

Safety Features in Action


Stay active and enjoy all the local attractions

Children's museums and galleries

Galleries and museums

Historic houses

Independent shops



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