Hotel Rendezvous
Covid safety features


Attractions nearby (walk)

Attractions within a 20 minute walk from the hotel.

Attractions nearby (drive)

Attractions within a 20 minute drive from the hotel.


Cancellation vouchers

Any money taken can be transferred to vouchers if Covid prevents stay.


Car parking nearby

Car parking available next to the hotel.

Touch Points

Touch-free checkin/out

Touch-free check-in and check-out.

Keys disinfected

Keys disinfected between guests.


Touch points cleaned

Staff have a list of high-frequency touch points to clean regularly.

Sanitizer stations

Sanitizer stations at all entrances and in all public spaces in use.

Social Distancing

Staff enforcing social distancing

Staff actively ensuring social distancing guidelines are followed.

Social distancing markers

Markers in busy spaces to help people social distance.

One-way system

One way traffic system in public spaces.

Screen at reception

Screen at reception.

1 metre social distancing restaurant/ bars

1 metre social distancing guidelines in restaurants/bars.

Public Washrooms

Sanitizer outside washroom

Sanitizer stations directly outside washroom.


Windows open in all bedrooms

Windows can be opened in all bedrooms by guests where permitted.


No loud music

No loud music.


Room service available

Contactless room service available.

Dining slots

Guests can book a dining slot.

Touch-free/ wipe down/ Disposable menu

Digital, laminated (cleaned between uses), on-board or disposable menus.

No buffets

No buffets/ self-service points.


Alternative to lift

There is an alternative to the lift.


Staff temperature checks

Staff temperatures taken daily.

Guest temperature checks

Guests' temperatures taken on arrival.

Day guests temperature checks

Day guests' temperatures taken.

Suspected Cases

Contact details taken

Hotel is taking contact details of all guests and day guests.

Policy for suspected cases in place

Documented policy in place in case anyone falls ill.

Staff Training

Staff Covid trained

Staff have undergone Covid training.

Safety Features in Action