About RightRooms

Our mission

RightRooms unlocks travel for everyone with specific needs and wants. The details we include make booking accommodation simple. As we say: "we ask the questions so you don't have to".

Our story

When Fiona broke her leg, she realised that what she wanted to know when she was planning a trip away was whether her hotel room had a step up to the shower and if the stairs had sturdy banisters.

Then she realised that it was impossible to access these details through online booking sites. Instead, she had to phone each and every hotel she was interested in - and even then, sometimes the front desk didn't have the answers. She couldn't understand why booking a hotel room when you had specific requirements should be so difficult. So Fiona decided to set up a website to help anyone with specific individual needs to find the right hotel.

She gathered together a brilliant team of researchers, developers, and writers, who are all invested in helping make travel accessible to everyone

What we are doing now

And then Covid happened. We realised we urgently needed to turn our attention to Covid-safer features. We are, of course, still working on incorporating features for anyone who needs more detail, whether they are travelling with small children, or need to know about accessibility or sustainability.

So, we started to research what was best practice when it came to keeping guests safe, as well as keeping up to date with the government rules designed to make hotels Covid safer. We commissioned science writers to research articles for you about the latest best practice, and we learned from them too.

Our aim is to list as many hotels with as much Covid-safer information as possible for you to choose from. We update our questions every time we get new insights into best practice or when the rules or guidance change.

What next?

Now we are turning our attention to other details that are missing from online booking sites. Specific details about accessibility, child-friendly accommodation and sustainability. This is where we would love your help. What do you need to know when you book a hotel for business or leisure travel? What features or policies matter most to you?

Give us your feedback.

Meet the RightRooms team

Fiona Halton - the brains and inspiration behind RightRooms. At the helm of the operation.

Laurie Young - the tech person. The one who builds out the bespoke technology that RightRooms relies on.

Anna Ogunbode - the details person. Anna keeps track of the Covid-safer features we need to list, among many other things.

Naomi MacKay - the words person. Naomi writes, edits and commissions the features you read.

Shirley Menster - the person on the end of the phone. Shirley talks to our hotels to get all the right details and help them get the perfect listing.