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There are two ways of finding the hotel you're looking for.

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Our mission

We believe every hotel guest is an individual with unique needs. RightRooms unlocks travel for all of us who want to know more before booking a hotel. We show every detail of what a hotel has to offer across niches like sustainability, wellness, accessibility and family friendliness.

Our RightRooms Collection showcases a passionately curated collection of hotels where we hope you find the match for your needs. But, if you can't, our concierge service will track down that special hotel for you.

Our story

RightRooms was founded by Fiona Halton who, during a spell on crutches, wanted to book a hotel with very specific requirements - namely no step into the shower and sturdy bannisters on the stairs. These were details she could not find on other booking sites. Fiona started to ask friends what the most important thing was for them in a hotel and found it was everything from lever taps, to black-out blinds, the size of additional beds for children or even the hotel's single-use plastic policy. They wanted exhaustive detail about their hotel and she decided to supply it with RightRooms.

Hotels featuring on RightRooms are thoroughly audited based on 800 features - many of which are not typically listed on the hotel's own site or on hotel booking sites. This enables potential guests to search in granular detail for the things that matter to them.

Help us make RightRooms even better

This is where we would love your help. What do you need to know when you book a hotel? What features or policies matter to you?

Getting feedback from you is the most important way that we can grow and evolve.

If you would like to be involved, please email us at: [email protected]

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Passionate about the detail: meet the leadership team

Fiona Halton - Chief Executive. Fiona is an award winning CEO and entrepreneur, helping lead organisations and campaigns from Comic Relief to Pilotlight to C&A's worldwide Inspiring Women. Her goal is to contribute to how hotels can extend a welcome to each and every guest, recognising their unique needs. And, in extending their hospitality respect and preserve the world their guests travel to enjoy.

Laurie Young - CTO. Laurie has helped build online products used by millions. His goal is for it to be easy for you to search and find the hotel that works best for you.

Anna Ogunbode - Operations Director. As a former specialist in international recruitment, Anna matched people with organisations around the world. She is now blazing a trail to make sure we bring our guests together with the right hotels.

Philip Schaetz - Head of Strategy. Philip has worked with leading hotels for decades. He's excited about the bridge between hotels and different markets that RightRoom is creating. He knows the power of hotels to delight their guests and how important it is to them to answer individual needs.