Ten safety steps you can take yourself

Last updated: November 27, 2021

In detail: Looking at Covid safety, sustainability, family friendly, barrier free and wellness within the hospitality industry

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No one wants to have to wear a hazmat suit in their hotel room. But there are several common-sense measures you can take to ensure your hotel stay is as Covid-safe as possible….

Do your Covid-safety research

If you ask ahead most hotels will be very happy to tell you about the Covid-safety precautions they have taken - and of course all RightRooms hotels have their Covid safety offering detailed on this site. Most websites will have detailed descriptions of cleaning procedures. Only stay at a place where you are happy with the measures being taken.

Keep your distance from others

Social distancing is no longer a legal requirement, but most hotels are still ensuring plenty of space in restauarants and other indoor areas, so that those who want to distance themselves can do so. Lifts are confined spaces and have push-buttons used by lots of people, so even though they will be regularly disinfected you might chose to minimise the risks by climbing the stairs, particularly if you’re on a lower floor. Hotel stairwells are normally pretty deserted, and you’ll also be getting fit at the same time as being Covid-safe.

Bring your own bottle of water with a cup

If you’re not happy about using the glasses provided in the room, even though many will be pre-packed, then bringing your own bottle of water with a cup is one way of avoiding using them and touching the taps less.

Read a book instead of watching TV

Although TV remotes will be regularly disinfected they are high-touch objects. So why not bring a book instead? There’s no obligation to watch TV in your hotel room and you’ll also be improving your literary knowledge if you stick to thumbing your own pages.

Take a walk instead of using the gym

You don’t necessarily need to use the hotel gym to keep fit. In the gym you’ll be using all sorts of equipment and even if it’s regularly wiped down with sanitizer there’s a lot of surfaces to cope with. Simply taking a walk or jog around the local streets will help you to get to know the locality and keep fit. Another alternative is to work out in your room.

Wipe down your phone

For all the hard work hotels do sanitising your room you’ll be bringing in one high-touch object yourself — your mobile phone. Chances are you’ll have been using it on your journey to the hotel in many high-risk locations. So give your phone and case a good wipe down to avoid bringing germs into your room. The best method is to simply use soap and water (not chemicals or hand gels) on a damp microfibre cloth or use approved wipes from an Apple store.

Bring your own pillow during the pandemic

Many light-sleepers already travel with their own pillows. You don’t really need your own pillow in a well-laundered room, but the face is a danger area for Covid so you might feel more comfortable with your own trusted travel pillow.

Consider buying a UV wand

These shouldn’t be necessary in a well-cleaned hotel, but should you wish to feel extra safe you might like to consider the high-tech solution of buying a UV wand. These small devices sanitize high-touch surfaces with ultraviolet light so you can give any surface you feel worried about a quick blitz.

Wear a mask

Some hotels will provide masks, but you can always bring your own. No mask will protect you entirely, but they can reduce the chances of getting coronavirus and also transmitting it. Although a surgical mask is safest, three layers of tightly woven cotton with a filter are recommended as a good second best. Single use masks can be expensive and contribute to landfill waste. There are many masks on sale or you can make your own washable mask from material and elastic, which will offer some protection. Remember to wash your hands before putting masks on and not to touch your face when wearing them.

Open the window

There’s debate about this, but some scientists believe that a combination of open windows, natural light and fresh air might be a common-sense way of breaking the virus down and preventing it settling. Listening to birdsong while feeling fresh air in your room will also give you a morale boost.

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